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The Unrealized Benson

It became a tradition in my family to name pets after our favorite fictional characters, or after our favorite TV shows. We have a deep love for good television, and it has proven to be a great source for excellent pet names.

Felix was named after Felix King in “Road to Avonlea.” I was completely obsessed with that show at the age of 10, when we got Felix, and it turned out to be a wonderful dog’s name. Even if most people’s association with it has been from Felix the Cat.

My sister has had rats named Dundie (“The Office”), Bluth (“Arrested Development”), Arthur and Ford (“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), John Oliver (“The Daily Show”), Emerson (“Pushing Daisies”), Mosby (“How I Met Your Mother”), and Lewis and Davies (as in, Charlotte Lewis from “Lost” and Jeremy Davies, who played Faraday on “Lost”).

In addition, she had a number of mice, who were all named after assistants on “The West Wing.” When I met Kathryn Joosten, I couldn’t resist telling her that my sister had named one of her pets Delores after her character.

When my mom adopted Benson, she chose to keep the name that he came with, because he clearly knew his name, and she didn’t see any reason not to keep it. Also, I don’t think she felt as strongly about naming pets as my sister and I do.

But Benson was a fine name. For a while, we said that his full name was Benson-min Linus, after Ben Linus on “Lost,” also known as the best and sexiest character of all time. But obviously, that was a stretch. I understood that Benson was the name that he knew, and it was a FINE name, but it irked me the tiniest bit that all I could say when people asked me how he got his name was, “It was the name he came with.”

I was watching an episode of iCarly the other night, when they referred on the show to Freddie’s mom, Mrs. Benson.



Freddie Benson:


All along, Benson had a name that was a reference to one of our favorite TV shows. Without our even knowing it. For SIX MONTHS, without our even realizing it.

I must say, it’s unsettling that it took me six months to make the connection, but it is a relief that Benson is still in keeping with tradition.


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Hi, Everyone

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. How quickly three months can go by.

My last post was written in a blaze of triumph. I had completed my novel! I had found a new job! Was there anything in life that I couldn’t accomplish?

Two months into my new job, I am very happy that I made the move. There are many wonderful things about my new job, and many wonderful things about the place I now work. For example: today I got to have a Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera Bread. It was so amazing that I seriously can’t stop thinking about it.

And there are other good things, too.

But though I knew it would be hard starting a new job, I didn’t realize exactly how challenging it was going to be. I came from someplace where I knew the basics of just about everything. I went to someplace that is much larger and more complex, where I still feel like I don’t know anything! When I was going through the interview process, I felt so confident about my ability to do this new job well. That confidence took a major hit when I started and felt absolutely clueless. I want to do my job so much better than I am doing it now–but I’m not there yet. My co-workers are very patient with me, but I am not very patient with myself.

From huge success to gross incompetence–that has been my last three months. And staring down one own’s inabilities, while trying not to fall completely behind in a job in which one’s performance doesn’t seem to exceed beyond subpar, is exhausting. Literally, physically, bone-achingly exhausting. There have been more than a handful of nights when I have climbed into bed at 6:30, and many more when I have wished that I could go to bed by 6:30.

But last week, I had coffee with my new boss, and I told her how I also really enjoy writing, and that I wrote my first novel last year (even though it is terrible). She reminded me that there is nothing stopping me from writing now. It was an important reminder.

So, here I am, back again. Until I get distracted again, as I inevitably will. Or until I fall into a diabetic coma from eating too many Cinnamon Crunch bagels.

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