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Today, I am 30! 30 years old! And I like to kick and stretch and kick! I’m 30!

I feel way better about this birthday than I have about a birthday in a really long time. Today, I started thinking about all the ways that I am great. 

  • I have a stable job with good benefits. Because of my new promotion, I am no longer embarrassed to tell people my job title.
  • I am doing great in my accounting classes, and I am on track to be a CPA in around two years.
  • I own an awesome house, and have paid off a quarter of its value.
  • I don’t have any debt except a student loan and my mortgage.
  • I am saving aggressively for retirement, even while paying for school.
  • I have only ever had one cavity, and I floss regularly.
  • I have written a whole novel.
  • I am a good cook and a great baker.
  • I eat and enjoy eating food I believe is really good for me (most of the time).
  • I am still dancing, even though I am not that great at it, because it is fun, and both socially and emotionally fulfilling. And great exercise.
  • I have a dog who is beyond cute, and who is devoted to me. And tonight I baked him homemade pumpkin treats. 
  • I graduated from a college I LOVE and that gave me an amazing experience of belonging to a community where I fit in.
  • In am reasonably well read. I finished and understood Infinite Jest.
  • I have made my long-term health a priority.
  • I have wonderful friends where I live, who have stood by me for many years.
  • I still feel close to my friends from college, even as we have scattered across the country.
  • I am great at organizing my life, which makes me feel prepared for tomorrow.
  • I have sung for a pope, at a presidential inauguration, at a campaign rally with President Bill Clinton, and in the National Cathedral.
  • I got my car’s tires rotated for the first time EVER last weekend!
  • I have NOT wasted an undue amount of time in my 20s in relationships that don’t make me happy.
  • But I have watched some really great TV shows, which have made me very happy.
  • I am a strong swimmer.
  • I am amazing at budgeting and being frugal and making stuff last.
  • I keep my yard tidy in the warm weather, even though I hate yard work. I love when people come up to men and tell me how much they love my house.
  • I have not let bullies in my life defeat me.

Perhaps this is a little over the top, but hell. Happy birthday to me! I am determined that the 30s are going to be great.


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